Transition Tennis offer Tournament Directing assistance for Clubs and Associations around Victoria. If you Club/Association require assistance with running a tournament, send us an email.


Please see below the Transition Tennis Tournaments Calendar and all the information you need to know:



Bendigo Tennis Association National Ranking Tournaments:

2019 Fosterville Gold Classic- JT & AMT

Start: 10th April                                                  End: 14th April

Entries Open: 1st December 2018                        Entries Close: 28th March

Enter online by CLICKING HERE


2019 Bendigo Bank Winter JT & AMT

Start: 1st July                                                     End: 5th July

Entries Open: 1st February                                  Entries Close: 17th June

Enter online by CLICKING HERE


2019 Bendigo Junior Open and Associations Championship

Start: 26th September                                    End: 30th September

Entries Open: 1st March                                 Entries Close: 12th September

Enter online by CLICKING HERE


2019 Quest Bendigo International Pro Tour JT & AMT

Start: 2nd November                                        End: 4th November

Entries Open: 1st April                                     Entries Close: 19th October

Enter online by CLICKING HERE


2019 Rising Sun Summer JT & AMT

Start: 13th December                                      End: 15th December

Entries Open: 1st August                                 Entries Close: 29th November

Enter online by CLICKING HERE












Warrnambool Lawn Tennis Club National Ranking Tournaments:

2019 PMH Warrnambool Grasscourt JT & AMT

Start: 27th December                                      End: 31st December

Entries Open: 1st September                           Entries Close: 13th December

Enter online by CLICKING HERE