Team App

Keep up to date with everything via our Team App

Download the Transition Tennis Stack Team App on your phone by following these steps:

1. Go to your App or google store

2. Search Stack Team App and download it

3. Create an Account

4. Search Transition Tennis

5. Join the groups that best suit you.


3 reason why should you download our Team App:

1. We use our Team App to deliver important news and updated directly to your phone. If you are an aspirational player who wants to join the BSA, be informed of upcoming tournament opportunities and Regional Team Events, we will release a News Item directly to that group with all the registration information required

2. Cardio Tennis- Register for weekly Cardio Tennis session via the events section at your club

3. Public Holiday and Term Information- Need to know when the term starts and finishes? Get notification when we are into the last week of term or the next term is starting


Download today and stay in the loop!!