Transition Tennis Coaching Terms and Conditions

Enrolling and Payment:

Coaching fees must be paid within the first 2 weeks of term. Continuing students will receive a re-enrolment form prior to the end of each term with their recommended class level. If paying by cash, please return the exact cash payment in a labelled envelope to Jake. Please note by enrolling into a coaching program you give permission for your or your child/ren’s photo to be used in advertising material without compensation. Should you wish to not consent to the use of photography please inform the coach prior to commencement. Any student who enrols and change’s their mind will be expected to complete the term.


It is the responsibility of the student to attend all classes at the time of their group. For any lessons missed there will be no refund however there may be the opportunity to make up missed classes if places are available throughout the term on a different night/day/time. We cannot guarantee students will be able to make-up missed classes.

Make up classes:

Make up classes are only eligable if players are currently enrolled in the current term of coaching. Contact Jake via email, or call 0419 67 180 to organise a make up class that suits you. A make up class is where your child attends a different class throughout the week of the same level of their current class to make up for one that they may have missed throughout the year.

Make up classes can be attended if a player missed a session due to Illness, School Camp, Holiday, Washout, Heat Out, injury.


In the case a player is unable to attend a make up lesson on another night, a credit will be issued for the next term of tennis coaching. Credits will only be awarded if a missed session occurs due to a washout, heat out,  a cancellation due to not having a coach or long term injury or absence (3+ weeks).

Long Term Injury:

A Long Term injury is when a player is unable to participate for 3 weeks or longer due to an injury. No refunds will be issued for injuries a credit note will be issued for the remaining sessions. There is no expiry on sessions, you can enrol again once your GP has approved your return subject to class availability and you will receive a credit for those sessions that you missed due to the injury.

Wet Weather and Extreme Heat Policy:

Lessons may be cancelled due to rain or extreme heat. An email and Text message will be sent out to inform all parents if coaching has been cancelled. Sessions cancelled due to rain or heat will be replaced during the term, alternatively a credit may be provided to those who missed a class due to a Heat out or Washout. Please note the extreme heat MUST BE AT THE ACTUAL time of your lesson.

Transition Tennis have adopted the Tennis Australia extreme heat policy. If temperature are 37 degree or greater at the time of your lesson it will be cancelled and you will be notified via text message. Extreme heat is determined by the temperature outside via the Weather Zone app. If you are unsure whether it is a heat out or washout, please contact Jake on 0419 687 180.

Medical condition:

If a student suffers from a medical condition, such as Asthma, the student should bring with their medication.

Transition Tennis Coaches are to be informed of any medical conditions a student may have before they take the court and with the enrolment of the child. If a student requires medication (such as a puffer for ashma) they are required to bring this along to tennis.

Clothing and Equipment:

Students should wear clothing appropriate to the weather conditions. Students must always wear a sun hat. All students should get their own racquet as soon as possible so they are able to practice.

There will be spare racquets available if a player doesn’t not have one or forgets to bring one to tennis.

Photography/ Video Footage:

Transition Tennis strictly prohibits the taking of photo’s or videoing any participants (children or adults) whilst engaging in one of our group programs. Should you wish to take photo’s/video of your child personally, a written request MUST be submitted to Jake Dunn directly for approval. Approval MUST be granted prior to commencing taking photo’s or videoing.

Jake personally and all of the Transition Tennis staff DO NOT consent to their photo being taken, nor any filming of their lessons.

Public Holidays:

No lessons will be held on public holidays and accordingly coaching dates will be altered along with fees for that term.

Cardio Tennis and Hot Shots Free Trial Terms:

Maximum 1 free trial per promotion period. Prior to using a free trial, players must enroll in the lesson of their choosing by calling, texting, emailing or submitting online form and fill out an enrolment for with player and parent (if required) details prior to taking the court. Upon attending your free trial, the free trial card must be given to the coach running the session.