Welcome to the Transition Tennis Shop!!

To purchase any of these items please ask your coach or email



Transition Tennis Adult Hoodies

Cost: $50

Sizes: Adult XS, S, M, L


Transition Tennis Kids Hoodies

Cost: $35

Sizes: 8, 10, 12, 14, 16



Custom Transition Tennis Dampeners

Cost: $5 or FREE with a Re-string

Wilson Dampender

Cost: $3



Tennis Racquet Re-Stringing:


Wilson Synthetic Gut (Black or White)- Lends itself to variety of playing styles- Classic Synthetic Gut construction
features solid core

Cost: $30


Wilson Sensation (Red)- Favourable vibration dampening characteristics

Cost: $35


Luxilon 4G (Yellow)- Holds tension longest- Maximum control- Completely impervious to
atmospheric conditions such as moisture 

Cost: $50



Luxilon Element (Bronze)- Most comfortable polyester string- Great poly string for juniors or adults with
arm problems- Reduces vibrations on every shot for arm friendly comfort

Cost: $45


Wilson NXT Soft (Blue)- Absorbs shock and vibration- X-bonded core increases tension maintenance
and power

Cost: $55



Tennis Racquet Re-Stringing:


Wilson Revolve Spin (Green)- Pentagon shape adds spin- Great string for juniors transferring to poly- Crosslink ester polymer composition adds feel and tension maintenance

Cost: $40


Luxilon 4G Rough (Yellow)- Holds tension longest- Provides most control of spin strings- Dented, textured
surface provides more string flex

Cost: $50



Wilson Revolve 16 (Black)- Offers exceptional power- Maintains comfort and spin-enhancing technologies

Cost: $35


Luxilon Big Banger (Grey)- Ultimate combo of power, control and spin- #1 string on tour

Cost: $55